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At Top Trucks we specialise in buying and selling used commercial vehicles. From all over Europe, we import low-age, used commercial vehicles for our large customer base that includes Europe-wide customers.

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Why choose Top Trucks?

Our huge experience in the sector makes Top Trucks a reliable and expert partner. We have loads of experience in this line of business. They know the market inside out, get a going market price for buyers and sellers and maintain a big and valuable network.


On our website you’ll always find the latest commercial vehicle deals. From across Europe, we import top-quality commercial vehicles. We attach importance to diversity so as to offer impeccable commercial vehicles for every budget. In the Netherlands and the rest of the world, we help numerous existing and new customers every year to enlarge or modernise their fleets. We are the people to contact for all makes and types of commercial vehicles and towed units like trailers and semi-trailers.


Top Trucks buys used commercial vehicles from across Europe, but we are also the ideal partner if you want to sell your Dutch commercial vehicle. If the time has come to modernise your fleet or if you have a commercial vehicle off the road, you will find Top Trucks a good buyer that pays going market prices. Businesses from eastern and western European countries and Africa are among our regular customers and prefer to invest in low-age used vehicles.

Customs and shipping

There's an awful lot of paperwork when selling vehicles, both nationally and internationally. We take care of all of the preparatory work for Customs documents, temporary licence plates and shipping.